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  Greg LaRochelle 2014 Posted by Greg LaRochelle

Dr. David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health, announced the unveiling of a new training resource for hazard identification at the June 10th annual conference of the American Society of Safety Engineers.  As said by Dr. Michaels, "Hazard identification is a critical part of creating an injury and illness prevention program that will keep workers safe and healthy on the job."  

Created to assist small businesses, the training tool allows users to either assume the role of a business owner or employee in a virtual construction or manufacturing environment.  Stated in OSHA’s Trade News Release, “The tool explains the key components of the hazard identification process, which include information collection, observation of the workplace, investigation of incidents, employee participation and prioritizing hazards.”  The hazard identification tool webpage includes an introduction, instructions on how to play, and a game manual along with other resources.

For a video preview of the interactive tool, click on this Hazard ID Game Trailer.

To get started on learning the process of finding hazards in the workplace, click on the Hazard Identification Training Tool.


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