ATTENTION: Workplace Safety Is Your Responsibility. MEMIC makes no representation or warranty that any recommendation, report, action, statement, or other communication made by us or any of our service providers will assure that any practices, procedures, premises or operations are safe or healthful or in compliance with any law, rule or regulation. Our safety surveys and recommendations relate primarily to underwriting concerns and do not constitute an assumption or undertaking by us or our service providers of your obligations to provide a safe and healthful environment. Neither you nor your employees, agents, or invitees are entitled to rely upon any loss control activities provided by us and engaging in such activities is not a delegation to us of any of your legal responsibilities. We exercise no control over your premises, operations or employees, and have no responsibility or authority to implement loss control recommendations, the implementation of which is your sole responsibility. Maintaining a safe, healthful workplace in accordance with all applicable laws is your responsibility as a business owner.